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Floating Thoughts

By SofaTalk

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Written & Produced by SofaTalk.
A.3* Additional remix & production by Chris Massey
B2 * Additional remix & production by Dean Meredith & Ben Shenton,
Mixed at Rogue cat sound.

Published by Discerning Ear 2015

A mix of stylistic influences that goes from funk to jazz until sounds that remind the first House of Chicago of late 80’s. A mini LP that includes four original tracks and two remixes by Chris Massey and The Central Executives: this is SofaTalk’s new project, soon on Stevie Kotey’s Ambassador’s reception. It starts from “Floating Thoughts” that gives the name to the album: pressing rhythmics based on classic sounds of Roland TR 707, strings and synthetic pads accompanied by an acid baseline in Chicago’s old school house music style. The remix by Chris Massey (Floating thoughts top off remix) is stronger, cadenced. TB303’s pattern is more punchy and the rhythm (with snare and clap in backbeat) is more minimal. ”Halo String” is a journey, with deep ambient atmospheres that start and don’t leave you until the end of the track. Pads, strings and seventh accords, with an analogical taste of Juno 606, float on rhythmic pattern (in roland TR808). The Central Executives’s version is a masterpiece, wind instruments section, strings, percussions and Fender Rhodes well fitted in rhythmic part, unconventional, not a classic 4/4 and make it move from broken beat to nujazz. “Away from the point” is an esplosive charge of Funk and Boogie, low full-bodied Moog on a solid drum pattern. By the end, “State of flux”, old-fashioned deep house filled by synthetic atmospheres, melodies and seventh accords that remind italian production of early 90’s (for example optik), but taste like contemporary Detroit’s sound too.

Coming soon - © ambassador's reception 2015


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